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Old Fuse boxes, Consumer units and why they should be replaced

The consumer unit, fuse box or distribution board is the heart to your electrical installation and provides vital safety protection. The modern 18th Edition boards give far greater protection than the old fuse boards or old plastic consumer units in years gone by.

The latest consumer units or distribution boards we fit have a metal case, RCD or RCBO protection for all circuits, surge protection and giving increased protection. We can even fit AFDD Arc Fault Detection Devices for the highest level of protection.

The fact is some old fuse boards have become a liability and simply do not meet modern health and safety requirements and can even contain Asbestos.

Wylex rewireable Fusebox
Wylex 3036 Fusebox
Memera 3036 Rewireable Fusebox

Both of these fuse boards only offer over current protection.  All circuits have no RCD protection.

Replacing a fusebox or Consumer unit

Replacing a fuse board or consumer unit is a job that should only be done by qualified and experienced electrician. Please do not try it yourself or ask someone who cannot provide all the certificates. Our electricians have years of experience in replacing consumer units and we provide electrical and Part P certification.

We fit consumer units from high quality brands such as Hager, Wylex  and Eaton assuring the best quality and standards.

Wylex 18th Edition RCBO Board with SPD

What is the cost?

Every electrical installation is different and there are many different options of consumer units to choose from and depending on the age of the electrical installation a EICR could be required before replacing the consumer unit. We provide free written estimates.


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