Consumer units

The consumer unit is the heart to your electrical installation and the modern 18th Edition consumer unit gives far greater protection than the old fuse boards or old plastic consumer units.

The latest consumer units we fit have a metal case, RCD protection for all circuits and surge protection, giving the customer far more protection.

We can even fit AFDD Arc Fault Detection Devices for the highest level of protection.

The fact is some old fuse boards have become a liability and simply don’t meet modern health and safety requirements and can even contain Asbestos.

Replacing a fuse board or consumer unit is a job that should only be done by qualified experienced electricians, please don’t try it yourself or ask someone who cannot provide all the certificates.

Our electricians have years of experience in replacing consumer units and we provide electrical and Part P certification.

What's the cost?

Every electrical installation is different and there are many different options of consumer units to choose from, and depending on the age of the electrical installation a EICR may need to be done before replacing the consumer unit so we provide free written estimate.

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